A Sacramento to Detroit transplant, Ladysse is a reinvention. A beginning and an end. A case study in keeping your chin up.

Following the dissolution of her previous project, Golden Youth, multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Stephanie Lauren, set out to fulfill a longtime desire: to write music that sounds like her personality - outgoing, cheerful, and maybe a bit weird. Thus, Ladysse was born.

Overlaid by stomping hip-hop beats and bubbly neon disco-Strat, Ladysse steeps a rousing pop tune in sad stories, hopeful feelings, and a thick, shimmery guitar chorus. Its the 1975 meets Chvrches meets chaos finding order meets charisma on charisma on charisma.

In just under a year of time spent in Detroit, Ladysse has already put herself on the map. Sharing the stage with acts such as Flor & Banners. Ladysse also was featured in AP magazines "10 Detroit artist you must know" list.

Ladysse is gearing up to release her fourth single "Young Hearts," on May 4th, 2018. Followed by the debut EP "Not The One." Ladysse has proven that this is only the beginning and there is no sign of slowing down.